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The Cloverdale Jazz Collective  ~

Band bios

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Ubidube Whitaker - Bass/Double Bass

Ubi was born and raised in San Francisco’s historic Haight Ashbury and surrounded by art and culture. It is no wonder he found his way into S.F.’s music scene via his bass playing. Self-taught, his dedication and focus come through with his uniquely soulful and funky style. Ranging from blues, funk, hip-hop and hard rock, Ubi is well versed and diverse in his background. His experience spans over 33 years. Though best known for his work with Storm and Her Dirty Mouth, he has also contributed in bands such as Last to Serve,  Little White Radio, and continuing with Mutual Benefit Life. Demonstrating his diversity he is also well known for his work in local blues bands such as TC and his Blue Reptiles, The Horn Dogs and The Funk Daddies. Departing from playing with Bay Area musicians, Ubi has also played with Eddie Money, Mike Reno, The Greg Kihn Band and Jami Jamison - standing in for their bass players while on tour. Currently, Ubi has been playing in Sonoma county with bands such as; The Beautiful Questions, The Blue Lights and his most recent project The Cloverdale Jazz Collective.  Music pours from his soul like sweat from the body. A dynamic musician, who with each breathe inhales creativity and exhales talent. An inspiration to other artists and best appreciated live to soak in his soulful way.
Jeff Wuopio - Saxophone

Saxophonist, Jeff Wuopio, was the fortunate recipient of a strong public school system and encouraging parents in San Rafael, CA.  His music education began with piano, guitar and even drum lessons in the mid-‘70s, but it wasn’t really fun until 7th grade when he started playing sax. He continued in school concert and jazz bands through high school and a bit in college.  Playing sax remained a bit of an ignored hobby while he started his career as an engineer and raised two wonderful kids.  Attempting to plant musical seeds in his kids was enough of an excuse to start playing more regularly.  Now we can’t shut him up.

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Matt Riney - Guitar

Matt Riney began playing guitar in 2002, originally influenced by the likes of Kurt Cobain, Bob Dylan, and James Hetfield. In his formative years, Matt gigged with several punk and hardcore bands, always exploring different genres. In the years following high school, Matt's musical direction was more focused on folk, country, and roots music. Shortly after moving to California from his home state of Iowa in 2013, Matt began studying jazz performance at SRJC and fell in love with the genre. Matt has toured the Pacific Northwest and Ireland with a local folk rock band he is a member of, and plays jazz every opportunity he gets. 

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Justin Ciechoski - Drums

Justin Ciechoski -- A New York transplant into Sonoma county, Justin found a love for Jazz upon studying under renowned Jazz Studies Director in Santa Rosa, Bennet Friedman. Justin is currently a full time student studying Jazz/Environmental Studies.

“This music seems to have become an intrinsic part of me, and playing some hot jazz with other talented musicians is what I thrive on.”

Canon Crawford - Saxophone

Canon Crawford -- Attend the University of Illinois and moved to the West Coast to work in Higher Education. He performs in street bands locally and has played in a variety of swing bands and small ensembles. Canon finds inspiration in New Orleans Street bands and traditions. 

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